The $40 Celine Bag Dupe No One Will Judge You For Carrying

by Kéla Walker

These Celine bag dupes are the perfect fix for those of is still crushing on the classic “IT” tote. It’s been 5 years since the coveted Celine bag made it’s debut and their still just as wanted today as the were when the Olsen twins stepped out on scene in them. An official Celine luggage tote can start anywhere from $2,300 and run upwards of $5,000.  Yeah, about that. You see, the way my account it set up…  But these Celine Bag dupes, are totally affordable and play to carry- even if they’re aren’t the real thing.

Celine bag dupes

 In the interim of me working out those account matters, these Celine bag dupes satisfy that luggage tote crush, if only temporary. And guess what, they’re only 40 BUCKS from our favorite retailer- Target aka Targé

Of course now the question rises of whether or not these are knocks off or just inspired products and if carrying one means you are faking the funk? Ultimately, who cares! If you love it, buy it, especially if you can afford it.  Besides there’s something about Target style that just makes everything in the world of fashion (designer collaboration or not) okay.

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Available in a variety of colors, get your Celine bag dupe here