A Cute and Simple DIY To Store Your Hat Collection

by Kéla Walker

My friends always tease that my place literally looks like Kéla’s Kloset.  Anywhere you turn in my place you’ll see a form of fashion.  What an I say, I like to incorporate  my fashion into my decor.  Shoes can be found all over the place, perched up on coffee tables like books.  Dresses hang on the wall like art.  In my defense,  got a lot of stuff and if it’s out of sight, it;s out of mind, so I keep it all out in the open.  Plus, it’s creative way to store things in my one bedroom apartment.  My latest fashion decor trick, this DIY hat storage that doesnt cap my style decore.

easy access DIY Hat Storage

I use to store my hats one on top of the other until I found this cute DIY hat storage idea.  It’s such a cute and cool way to see your collection of hats not to mention the easy access. It was so annoying and tedious having to go through my hat pile one by one to reach the hat I was looking for.  Now I can see all of them out in the open and quickly make my selection.  + I love how it fits into my fashion decor.   It’s so simple anyone could do it.

What you’ll need:
20 minutes

1-Twine- I used about 5 feet for 4 hats
2-Thumbtacks -2x per line. I prefer ones with a long need point- they go deeper in the wall
3-Clothes pens- 1 x per hat

You’ll want to pick a space where you have at least 4- 6 feet of space.  For me, my hall way was best.
1.- Secure and tie one end of  twine onto one of the thumbnails and secure it in the wall.
I used the crown molding in my wall because it was a little easier them the actual all.  You may need a hammer or something to really push the thumbnail into the wall but don’t go overboard-you’re not hammering a nail.

2.- Pull the twine to the other side for the distance you want it (I did roughly 5 feet. and repeat step 1.   Make the line tight with minimal slack.  The hats will wear down on the line and you don’t want it to hang too low. Voila you are done. Repeat these steps for as many lines you want on the wall and then get to hanging your hats.

I love how the line up looks in my hall way.  Having them lined up and out in the open makes it easy to grab one and head out in style.

DIY Hat Storage for easy access

What do you think of my DIY Hat Storage?
Do you love hats as much as I do?
How do you store them?