No Brainer Fashion Fix: Leather and Denim

by Kéla Walker

Whenever that annoying question of what should I wear pops  into mind, trust me you can’t go wrong combining two classics like leather and denim. It’s a quick and  easy fashion fix for any style dilemma.

Leather and denim are always the answer.  ALWAYS.  It never fails.  Whenever I’m faced with that nagging question of what should I wear- almost always leather and denim come to mind.  They solve any style conundrum on their own, but together the two classics are a force to be reckoned with.  leather and denim together are the perfect fashion recipe for an effortless, pulled together look. It screams “cool girl” vibes.

I’m rocking a denim skirt and leather pants but switch out the pants for a leather skirt or the top for a leather jacket with denim jeans.  Guaranteed hit. I love it topped off with my go-to coat of the season which just seems to make everything that much more chic and cool.

So the next time you wrecking your brain trying to figure out what to wear- just go with denim and leather. Problem solved.

Today’s Kloset Pull

Coat ~ Forever 21 | Shirt & Pants ~ HM | Shoes ~ Christian Louboutin
Purse ~ Rebecca Minkoff | Lipstick ~ MAC Flatout Fabulous ( New Favorite)

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