The Essence of Street Style ~ White Crop Top & Midi Skirt

by Kéla Walker

Who doesn’t love and their dedication to highlighting great street style  *Happily Waves, HI Hannah*. This year they are taking it a step further and literally taking over  the streets with their first Essence Street Style Block Party- which is sure to be an annual affair. Before the event take place this week, yours truly was tapped for a little street style talk

Kontinue for details on the Essence Street Style ramp up and my confession about street stye photos

I love that I can go to and see street style on girls that look just like me.’s resident photographer Hannan Saleh is known to snap some pretty fierce style.  No one will admit it but whenever you see her roaming around with her camera in hand, your back gets a little straighter and you try to put your best foot forward in hopes that she will ask to snap your photo.  I have been snapped a time or two by her and featured on the site.  This  NYFW, Essence is ramping tup their street style coverage even more, with a video team and segments promoting, well street style.  Essence ‘s own Dana B  hit the streets of NYC to talk to ladies and learn about their nail style.


She asked about my personal style, my mani schedule and what fall nail trends I’m looking forward to.

Of course the girls got in on the action too and also did interviews with the Essence street style team.

We did our own little video too.  Check out the teaser here and see what it’s really like when we hang out.


 I can’t wait to see the Essense street style video once it’s live.  I will keep you posted on when that happens.

OK, so I have a street style confession! Everyone thinks I’m really photogenic and take great style photos. THANK YOU but I have to confess that I feel awkward when other people take my photos.  LIKE REALLY AWKWARD. I get jittery and self conscious and don’t know what to do with myself.  I don’t know what to do when my hands, my head, smile, not smile – it’s weird.  And it only happens when someone other than my photographer  or family takes my photo.  Like with Hannan or The Fashion Bomb’s photographer Pierre.  It’s something that I’m working through so if you ever see a photo where I look off, know it was most likely taken by someone other than my guy. i.e. today’s  when Ty so graciously stepped behind the lens to snap these #ootd photos for me.  As you can see, I’m a little awkward.

These were the best of the worse.  LOL.

Today’s Kloset Pull
** Photos By Ty Alexander of Gorgeous in Grey

Top ~ Zara | Skirt ~ Oasis | Necklace ~ via Century 21 | Shoes ~ Rachel Roy

Get the look in your Kloset

Be sure to check out Essence Street Style Block Party happening in Brooklyn during NY fashion week. Get your look together NOW and start practicing your poses because there are sure to be lots of photographers roaming the streets of Dumbo for great style.   You could even be picked from the crowd to participate in the runway show

 What’s your street style??