My Secret For The Perfect Sultry Dark Lip Color

by Kéla Walker

I’m obsessed with dark lip color – especially in the winter. Take a scroll through my photo album and you’ll find or a tone of picts with me rocking a dark lip.  It might actually be my signature. Funny enough I use to think dark lips were too vampy or goth but now, I can’t get enough.  I have quite a few dark lip colors in my arsenal (always matte, never glossy)  but I’m all about creating custom colors or lip cocktails- mixing and matching this and that to get the perfect dark lip.  The only thing is I can never really recite the recipe when someone ask the inevitable “What color is that?” It’s never a simple answer because I mix up a lot but there’s one thing that’s always constant…

how to create perfect sultry dark lip color

  Keep reading for the mystery to my perfect dark lip cocktail.

There’s never a simple answer when someone ask me about my dark lip color. Like NEVER. I apply a bunch of things to achieve that perfect vampy lip.  For some reason or another I’m never satisfied with a lip color straight from the tube.  I ALWAYS have to put my spin on it. It’s kind of a problem but at the same time I love that my dark lip color is unique to me.  No matter the base, there’s always one common thread in my custom colors or rather two things –  the lip liner Currant and Nightmoth by Mac Cosmetics. They are the quintessential key to creating the perfect dark lip.

Practically every dark lip color I create includes one of these liners if not both. When I tell you they are essentials to your collection and will transform ANY lip color… TRUST ME.  These colors put in work in my arsenal.  Even when I find the perfect dark lip in a tube, I use the liners to add some depth or give consistency to a loose slippery lipstick.  You know what Im talking about.. OOH I hate slippery lipstick.  Nightmoth and Currant are very similar yet distinctively different. Currant has more of a red or berry undertone and Nightmoth is chocolatey.

Hands down, my go-to lip cocktail for a dark lip is one of these lip pencils with my favorite red Stila Fiery (worn here). Mix  Nightmoth and / or current with this matte red for the perfect rich and sexy bordeaux color.  I think I’m using currant in the picture about.  The combo is fail proof – people always ask me about it.

The trick to creating a dark lip with you lip pencil is to shade you lips with the pencil first.  It helps the lip color last longer, providing the base of your color. After you add the lip color of choice; go over your lips with the liner even more, as needed.    Other colors I use the liners with besides my go-to red, are colors from Anastasia Beverly Hills Vamp and Lime Crime ( Wicked) which also garner a lot of questions and compliments

( Anastasia BH Vamp and Nightmoth)

How to create perfect dark lip color

How to create perfect darkly lipstick

What are your favorite lip colors?
What do you think about my lip cocktail for the perfect dark lip color?
Any tricks, tips or lip colors you care to share?