How to Survive Wedding Season Without Buying a Dress

by Kéla Walker

June may be wrapping up but it’s the kick off to wedding season and I’ve made a vow not to buy a single dress for the weddings I’m attending. REALLY.  Kontinue to see what essentials I’m using to make the most of  season

This summer I have more nuptials to attend than ever before. Tis the age. Since I’m a guest at all (thank God), I made the vow not to buy a single dresses for any of them. I mean really, WHY. I have a Kloset full. Instead, I picked up a few accessories to mix & match with my wardrobe to help transition many of my dresses into wedding season.  Take for instance this maxi wrap dress. I’ve had it for a while & never popped the tags off until now. I’m not a fan of the length and have been trying to get rid of it but it’s actually perfect wedding guest attire.  It’s simplistic & flirty, not to mention super comfy. IT HAS POCKETS. But it’s saving grace are the accessories. You know I love to stack my bracelets and weddings are no exception. In an ode to the occasion, I added this love link bracelet to the mix. Nothing say love like a literal statement piece.  Speaking of which, I told you guys I was getting the look for less book clutch and I love it.  It’s pretty ideal for the season.  I mean the title says it all. 

The red lippie will also gets lots of play this wedding season.  It’s the color of love, right?  There’s only one color to last through hugs and kisses, 4 course meals, dessert and OPEN BAR. Clearly, I’m excited about the open bars. but my Stila Fiery  can withstand ALL of that.
BTW, I finally broke down and got a phone case.  Yep, I’m one of those that doesn’t like the added weight but I figured since my camera will put in a lot of work at the ceremonies, snapping pictures and serving as a mirror for touch up,  it should probably be pretty and match my fly.

Oh, one investment I did make for the season was a good shaper.  NOT SPANX- I’m not a fan of those.  They are so uncomfortable, pinching you and putting all kinds of indents in your body.  A good shaper will snatch you in, and smooth you out in all the right places and hide the inevitable bulge you ‘re sure to get after that 4 course meal.  I like to get the high waisted one. They are great for body conscious dress. A little trick I like to do is fold it over, or double over the waist section for even more control, after dessert, that is. Shhh, don’t tell anyone I told you that.

Statement heels are another wedding essential.

But after it’s all said and done, what’s really important are a pair of comfy flats to switch into.  I love nothing more than a pair of soft, cushy pair of  flip flops but that’s too casual.  However these sandal flip flop provide all the comfort of regular flip flops but with a little more structure and style.  If you didn’t know any better you’d think I was simply sporting a regular pair of sandals.

The shapper, lippie, statement bracelet, purse and iPhone case- it’s my wedding season kit of sorts.   I’ll mix and match all of those pieces with my wardrobe to create the perfect looks for my friend’s nuptials.

This Wedding’s Kloset Pull

Dress old ~ DvF | Shaper not seen ~ Yummie | Shoes & Necklace old ~ Banana Republic |
Purse ~ Betsey Johnson | Love Bracelet ~ BCBG | Flip Flop Sandals ~ Havaianas |
Phone Case ~ MJ | Lipstick ~ Stila, Fiery