Eureka ~ Printed Spot Pants & Blouse

by Kéla Walker

You know how you have something in the kloset that you really want to wear but have to wait because you dont have the right piece to wear it with.  Such was the case with both of these pieces and then it me, wear them together.   


I have been holding on to these pants for a few weeks now waiting for the right shirt to come along to wear them with.  This shirt has been hanging in my kloset since earlier this year also waiting for the right partner.  They hang on opposite end of the kloset but one night during a round of dress up it hit me like EUREKA. Put the two together!!!  DUH, how come I didn’t realize this before.  The two patterns are practically identical and the kolor kombination are perfect kompliments.
Also I should share with you the shirt is second hand AND Im wearing it backwards
(YES, intentionally) but you would be able to tell in how I styled it.


Don’t you love when a plan comes together?

Today’s Kloset Pull


Shirt ~ second hand, J.Crew
Pant & Necklace ~ Asos
Purse old ~ Zara
Shoes last year ~ Zara