That Time @Crocs Challenged Me To Try An Extreme Sport #FindYourFun

by Kéla Walker

A couple months ago, I got to take a pretty special trip to Arizona with Crocs- literally. They challenges me to an extreme sport called ultralight trike.  Take a look at this mini plane thingy majig. Yeah, THAT. I tried it and needless to say it was quite the experience.

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Can you imagine getting to fly over this view- like without a window or any kind of barrier between you and the natural beauty? Well that’s exactly what I got to do when Crocs challenged me to find the fun in life and sent me up in an ultralight trike over the friendly skies of Arizona.

Before this moment I’d never even heard of an ultralight trike. Have you? It kinda looks like a souped up tricycle with wings.  CRAZY, right? And you know what, that’s exactly why I couldn’t resist the challenge.

The whole point of this adventure with Crocs was to try something new,completely different from normal routine life- which I LOVE.  I live for those once in a lifetime moments and adventures that turn into great stories and memories to last a lifetime. Isn’t that what life is made of? I’m that girl that doesn’t know how to swim but totally wants to go parasailing or flyfishing.

My willingness to try something new has opened me up to some pretty great opportunities for me. So it was a no brainer that I would take on this #FindYourFun challenge. My friends and family thought I was crazy but hey, YOLO. The Ultralight strike experience was AH-MAZ-ING.  I really cant even explain.  It was a little surreal- unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. EVER.

(With my cool pilot, Denny- you didn’t think I went up in that thing by myself did you? I’m not that adventurist)

Sidebar I went through the whole experience in my first pair of Crocs. OMG. These things are comfy!! Why didn’t anyone tell me?! Anyway I may not be able to explain my experience but you can totally watch my ultralight trike ride over Arizona for yourself and live vicariously through me. It’s kinda dope – I’m pretty sure  you’ll be inspired to stray away from your norm to try something new and #FindYourFun. Check out this teaser

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Would you take any ultralight trike ride if challenged? How do you find your fun?