The Shoe Trend You’ll Go Head Over Heels For

by Kéla Walker

I’m head over heals with the latest shoe trend. Typically, it’s the base of the shoe that gets all the attention but with the new crop of heels you’ll find yourself doing a double take to get look at the back where the heels have gotten real fancy.  Block heels, stack heels, and even sky high heels take a back seat to heels with an  intricate and more prominent role in your footwear.  These heels are not an after thought but the main show and will have folks gawking over your shoes as you walk away.

Y’all know I love shoes so it should go as no suprise that Im going gag over this fancy heel trend.  As soon as I saw the heels on these booties I had to have them.  The gold detail on the back take the style of the bootie up more than just a notch. The golden metallic piece on these heels are like an added accessory to my look.

Check out these fancy heels worth taking note of

Fancy Heels from Top To Bottom
(clock wise, snake wine)

1- Stingray heel
2- Gold Heel
3- Marbled Heel
4- Snake Print Metallic Heel
5 – Black and Gold Rim Heel
6 – Asymmetric Heel
7 – Tortoiseshell heel
8 – Lucite Heel
9 – Midi Gold Heel