Fantasy Fashion ~ Maxi Dress & A Pop of Color

by Kéla Walker

With a windy forcast here in NYC, I figured today would be a great day for maxi dress.

Little story about this maxi, I’ve had it in my kloset for over 5 years & this is my 1st time wearing it.

 It’s one of my many fantasy fashion pieces- you know, one of those items you buy because you have ideas of grandeur in your had of all the great events you can attend wearing it.

For me, it was a great dinner party in my apartment where I would play the perfect hostess, gliding back and forth through
my apt as my dress sailed behind me.

*bubble burst*  
That party never happened (+ my apt isn’t that big) & it sat in my kloset for all these years until recently when I finally figured out how to incorporate my fantasy in to reality.

With Maxi being the in thing right now, I’m really glad I never parted ways with this dress ( it made its way
& out of donation bags) But its another lesson to shop your Kloset before hitting the store for whats hot now.

 Do you have Fantasy fashion pieces too?
Share your story in the comments below

Dress- Zara old (similar)
Sweater – Forever 21 old (similar)
Shoes – Trouvé
Bag – Liebeskin-Berlin