Vera Wang’s Swoon Worthy Workout Gear

by Kéla Walker

As if on cue with that New Year, New You mantra heard everywhere the new  Vera Wang Simply Breathe athletic line is definitely worth taking for a run.  The collection is uber cute and right on track with the Athleisure trend – workout clothes cool & functional enough to work well beyond the gym fitting into your lifestyle.

Kontinue for more on the Vera Wang Simply Breathe line

Y’all know I hate working out but the Vera Wang Simply Breathe line might just be the motivator I need.  Full disclosure, 6 hours before 2015 rang in, I joined the gym. I know I know. Don’t judge me or do, I don’t care. Either way I’m into this new Vera Wang Simply Breathe line filled with pieces cute enough to run around town in, before and after sweating out in the gym.  Typically I’d  switch out of my gym clothes ASAP but I wouldn’t mind working out and then walking out and about in those water color leggings. They’re cute, right?  And I could tots work out quite a few ways to wear that flyaway sweater that looks like it could hang in the kloset beside my duster instead of being stuff in drawer where gym clothes go.


That’s the beauty of this Vera Wang Simply Breathe line, it’s chic workout gear that doubles as comfy clothes in your kloset. Tell the truth, if you didn’t know any better you would think some of these pieces were regular every day looks  for the girl on the go- not workout clothes. Even better, it’s really affordable with everything falling under $70, working overtime in your kloset.

Check out the full Vera Wang Simply Breathe line at a Kohl’s store newer your or online here (much of which is on sale now)

Are you planning to workout for that 2015 New Year, New You mantra? Could you work out and walk out and about in this Vera Wang collection?