An Unexpected Holiday Party Outfit: Feathers and Denim

by Kéla Walker

When you need a cute holiday party outfit but want to wear jeans instead of going glam with fancy dresses; this unexpected outfit is a great way to blend into the season’s festivities with comfort and ease.

“What am I going to wear for this holiday party outfit?” That’s the question I’ve been asking myself more often than not lately.  It’s a no brainer to go with the festive attire of sequins and metallics but I gotta be honest.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like dressing up in the expected holiday party outfit when all I really want are jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I love a super cute sparkly fit and all but with all the events on my schedule… I can’t do it every time.  I think that why I love holiday party outfit I created.

 An Unexpected Holiday Party Outfit

feather hem dress and ripped jeans


Since dresses layered over skinny jeans is my new jam I figured why not try it with feather hem dress.  I adore it by itself but I didn’t really feel like wearing a dress to the Target Wonderland event I wore this outfit to. When paired with dark denim it creates a cool and unexpected  holiday party outfit. The ripped knee was my way of being a little edgy + I’m addicted to ripped jeans but the ‘fit  would probably work better without it. Pull the look together with a statement coat and heels (Because it’s 50 degrees in December I’m still wearing sandals)  and voila you have a non traditional holiday outfit that looks just a festive as it is comfortable.


This outfit recipe is also great post holiday when you’re trying to figure out how to wear all those seasonal dresses and extend the life of you festive attire.


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Coat ~ Old Navy | Dress ~ Anne Taylor | Jeans | Forever 21 | Shoes ~ Zappos

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