Snooze A Little Longer With This 5 Minute Makeup Routine

by Kéla Walker

My five minute makeup routine is my saving grace as of late.  The past few mornings have been kind of a groggy blur- BLAME PERISCOPE.  I’ve been spending a lot of late nights and early mornings on the app as of the late. It’s kind of a problem but I love it. My lost of control on the snooze button has cut into my Morning prep significantly. Normally it takes me about it hour to get ready but I’m waking up with just 20-30 minutes to spare before I have to rush out to work.  Enter my new five minute makeup routine.  If you didn’t know any better you’d think I was fully rested and spent way more time on my face. Ironically, I conducted a periscope on my five minute makeup routine last night.

If you missed the periscope on my five minute makeup routine continue reading to see what I’m using to fool the world about my beauty sleep

Yo, I thought Snapchat was a problem. OOOH GIRL!! Periscope has it beat.  If you’re not following me already, please go ahead and do so- I’m @KelaWalker- as on all social media. I’m loving the engagement of the app and being able to chat with people across the world, LIVE!!! If you’re not familiar with the app, learn more here.  Simply put, it’s as if twitter and youtube had a baby, as my girl Mattie of Mattieology described it. I have been taking to periscope to chat about my passion (fashion)  and my profession (media).  More than sharing and engaging with others, its become the late night hangout spot that has me up until the wee hours of the morning. It feels like an Aol Chat rooms circa 1998. Remember those time when you would spend hours in a room talking to people you didn’t know about anything under the moon- Yeah, THAT’s been my evenings as of late leaving me struggling in the AM and with it no time to apply my complete makeup routine.

Step 1: Face Coverage- Shea Moisture CC Cream.
I LOVE THIS STUFF for the summer. It’s an all in one WONDER-  primer, color corrector, moisturizer, sun protectant, brightener and conditioner. LOVE IT! I rub it on just as I would a moisturizer. And yes, it included Spf 15. It’s formulated for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Blended with moisturizing Shea Butter, antioxidant Vitamin E and Aloe.

Step 2: Hide Dark Spots- Kat Von D Lock-I Concealer
I’m a pimple popper so I have a constant battle with hyper pigmentation. I dab this onto those dark spots to hide them. I love this concealer because it’s  highly-pigmented and provides full-coverage and it’s water-resistant concealer.

Step 3: Brows- Wet-n-Wild Brow Pencil (forgot this in the video)
Because… DUH, Brows. I just swipe this throughout my brows to make them more definitive.  For a more indepbt brow tutorial check out this post I did for Brows On fleek

Step 4: Concealer -Black Opal Beauty True Color Creme Foundation Stick in Heavenly Honey
I  swipe this under my eyes like those NFL players with black face paint to conceal my bags. It’s much light than the Kat Von D on so I can  quickly blend it in with my fingers and a damp beauty blender sponge.  The Heavenly color is great for me.

Step 5: Highlight – New York Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow
I live for a radiant glow and highlight and LOVE THIS STUFF.  It’s an eye shadow palette but look AH-MAZING on the cheeks. It’s like my secret product- People are always asking me about my highlight.  The copper chic palette is my favorite and I  really only use two colors in the palette – the Gold and Rose Gold.  It’s EVERYTHING.

Step 6: Brighten Eyes – Rimmel London Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer, In The Nude
I rim the bottom of my eyeslids with this liner.  It brightens my eyes and makes me look all bright eyed and perky as if I had a full night’s sleep.

Step 7: Bold Lip- Stila or any brand
Really any lip color works, but I like to go bold to pull it all together and divert your intention from how tired I really am and just in case the 5 minute face looks a mess.

And there you have it, my five minute makeup routine. I can opt to add more makeup when I arrive to work but I’ve actually found that this is pretty perfect and actually has me thinking why I  spend more than 5 minutes at all on my face.

Get the Products I Use for My Five Minute Face

What’s you morning beauty routine? What do you think of my new  five minute makeup routine?