Here’s Why Pearls Might Be Your New Must-Have Accessory

by Kéla Walker

 Typically when you think of pearls you think of your granny’s accessories or some very demure lady like style. Forget all of that,  the silky white gem is back  but  with a fun and fresh twist take that will have you rethinking pearls completely.

How  the modern girl wears pearls

I recently teased my friend for wearing her mother’s pearl necklace to a hip hop concert. Who does that? It was pretty damn funny to me ( and my Snapchat crew) but I gotta admit she was actually on to something.

These aren't yur grandmother's pearls.  Here how to rock the gem in the 21st century

Like all things in fashion what goes around comes around again and those pearls of hers have a made  a modern day return. While you won’t see folks rocking them in the traditional sense you will see them in cool fashionable ways. Look for pearl embellishments on pretty much everything from t-shirts and jeans a chic and sophisticated twist. It’s actually pretty genius.

Cool Pearl Pieces for Your Kloset

Look for pearls in unexpected places like the trim on cool pants

If you like your pearls the old fashion way,  in jewelry form, those pieces have also taken on a edgy feel

This is how modern girls wear pearls in the 21st century

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