Healthy Hangouts: The New Way To Kick It With The Girls

by Kéla Walker

One of my favorite pass times is kicking it with my girls- make it a chat and chew session and it’s the perfect hangout.  However, since I’ve been on mission #SNATCHed I’ve pumped the breaks on all that eating out and drinking (calories are real) but I can’t completely give up hanging out with my girls. Instead of hanging out chatting over carbs and calories (OMG have I become that person that’s obsessed with calories?) I started arranging healthy hangouts- productive activities that are both fit and fun.  That way we all win and get #SNATCHed together.

See how I hang out with my friends and have fun while staying in shape.

My social life is filled friends, fun, fashion, food and now fitness.  It’s interesting how once you start to change your lifestyle, the people around you will follow suit.  Since I started getting #SNATCHed a lot of my girls have been inspired to embark on their own fitness journey.  It helps because  whenever I suggest doing something healthy like hitting a spin class instead of  the same ‘ol chat and chew session,  I don’t get a lot of resistance.

In fact those healthy activities lead to healthy meals, making for the ultimate healthy hang out.  Heck, as of late healthy hangouts are the only thing I do with my girl Sass and Genevieve who by the way was the first person I started these new healthy hangouts with earlier this year. (Remember when I committed to getting fit for fashion?) Now that I’m actually committed and obsessed (mildly) with this lifestyle, healthy hangouts  have become pretty routine for me.  My favorite hangout or the one I do the most often is what I like to call soul and salad- a SoulCycle class followed by a salad at one of my favorite spots- Sweetgreen if I’m in the City and Pure Bistro when in Brooklyn.

(Salads at Pure Bistro)

Healthy hangouts aren’t just limited to spin and salads, it’s pretty much anything that gets you up, out and active for a fun and fit lifestyle. Besides spin I’ve tried boxing and biking around Williamsburg which was quite the adventure. Come to think of it, these new healthy hangouts might even be cheaper than going out to eat and drink.  So not only do you save a couple buck in the process but you also get SNATCHed.  Not to mention it’s a nice way to mix things up with the girls and try something new.

While I’m not completely giving up my beloved chat and chew sessions it has been pretty fun mixing things up for a fit and SNATCHed lifestyle.

What’s your preferred way to hang out with your girls?

Would you combine working out with hanging out with your girls?