Make Your Coat Look More Expensive With My $40 Style Trick #ZapposStyle

by Kéla Walker

By now you’re probably pretty tired of your coat and ready to break into something new. That’s unfortunate because we probably have a few more chilly days before Spring officially blooms and we can shed those layers.  So let’s make the most of the cold weather and revamp what we’re working with. With the help of Zappos,  I came up with a cool style trick to help revamp your outerwear into something new and exciting you won’t mind wearing for a few more weeks.  Like this fur sleeve coat.  Believe it or not I didn’t buy it this way but I did create luxe look for less.  How, you ask?  Keep reading.

Fur sleeve coat

Because I’m addicted to coats and constantly have to fight myself from buying a new one I’m always thinking of ways to revamp the ones I already own.  I bought this grey coat last year and love it as is but i wanted to renew it and make it a little more appealing in my kloset to prevent me from buying something else.  ENTER my style trick…

 Revamp & Renew Your Old Coat With This Luxe Style Trick

You ready for this?  You’re not going to believe me when I tell you this but to create this look I used  leg warmers on my arms.  YES. Actual leg warmers.  Believe it or not, I conjured up this style trick long before I saw Lady Gaga hit the Mark Jacobs runway in that coat.  While the Mark Jacobs wont be available until next Fall and will cost you thousands of dollars (that is if they actually produce it) but with my style trick you can get you the look for less than 40 bucks.

Marc Jacobs Fur Slleve Coat Look for less

I know it sounds crazy but DARLING, it it looks AMAZING.  Look, normally I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing leg warmers- an 80’s throwback jazzer-size costume aside- but as soon as I saw these fluffy warmers I knew I could put them to a good alternative use. Admit it, if I didn’t tell you, you would’n even know I was sashaying around town with leg warmers on my arm.  Pretty dope style trick, right? I’m actually going to order the other color in natural, right now. I’ll have them by the weekend. That’s the beauty of Zappos and their fast-free shipping (and returns)  it’s easy to amp up tired winter clothes in no time.
Check out their app on the go or when your just to lazy to get up and fetch your laptop .

Revamp Your Old Coat With This Style Trick

fur sleeves on your coat make your outerwear more luxurious It’s such a simple and easy thing to do to revamp your outerwear and pretty much works with any complementing coat.  It’s great because they obviously keep you warm- hello they’re leg warmers- and so they’re interchangeable and can be used on just about any coat.  I love it with my long & lean coats best but ooooh, imagine it with a leather jacket… SUPER KUTE!  The fluffy addition is such a great way to give your jacket or coat a real luxe look, for less.  The Marc Jacobs coat is proof of that.

Add Fur Sleeves To Your Coat For a High End Look

Call it a look for less or an outerwear revamp, any way you fashion it this is one style trick I’ll be working through the rest of winter. Next post Ill share a style tip with this jacket for another way to revive your coat and renew your interest in that winter coat.

 Kloset Pull
Coat Forever 21 | Leg Warmers worn as sleeves ~ c/o  Zappos


What did you think of my style trick with the leg warmers?
Would you wear leg warmers on your arms?
Have you ever refashioned something in your closet for an alternative use ?