Get Fit For Fashion #ZapposStyle

by Kéla Walker

 If you know me, you know I hate working out.  Seriously, I have a TV series named after my disdain for it, Kéla Walker Hates Working Out – check it out here. But you see the way my body is looking these days, I gotta start putting some love into a workout or two or three because, Full Disclosure,  I need to fit my clothes.  I love my clothes. I dont want to have to throw them away. So here goes…

Get Fit For Fashion with stylish workout clothes

 I know I’m not the only one with a resolution to hit the gym and workout (more) in 2016. Damn you, gravity and time. Ugh. Why can’t I just keep the same body from before?  I hate having to concede to the dreaded work out. Side bar: Little known fact about me, I use to run track in high school. I competed in the 4×4 and you know what I was GOOD too.  These days though, GHURL, not so much.   I’m lucky if I can run up four flights of steps.  I’m not trying to return to my track and field days but I would like to climb the stairs without loosing my breath.  But more importantly, I just want to fit back into a couple of things in my closet that require a few less lbs.  Vain, I know but honest.  So if I must work out and sweat and stuff  (can you picture the screw face I’m making as I type this out)  you know I’m going to try and be cute in the process.   Heck, cute workout clothes is the only thing that actually has me excited about this resolution. Interesting how buying workout clothes has me excited about fitting old clothes.

Get Fit For Fashion with stylish workout clothes

Now more than ever workout clothes are just as stylish as regular clothes. Speaking of which did you know “athleisure” is being added to the dictionary.  If you didn’t think it was real before, it’s official now.  I for one am all for the trend-turned-new-normal which makes working out in style easier than ever before.  I’ve been getting more into sportswear so I’m kind of excited to add a little more to the closet. I got this whole head to ankle look from Zappos who has a massive selection of  stylish workout wear to choose from to help  you stay fit in style or at least to look the part. Honestly, I can already see myself resorting back to my old ways but at least I know my workout wear will go the distance long after I don’t. I could totally see myself wearing this hoodie with long layers, a pair of boyfriends jeans and slip ons.

These mesh leggings are kind of mesmerizing.  I’m not going to lie, I felt hot wearing in them, in all the good ways.  It was as if I was instantly in shape when I slipped them on.  I like. I LIKE A LOT.   Depending on how you see leggings these could be for work or play however, please let the record show I think legging are solely for working out and layering NOT a substitution for pants ( Yes, I’m that fashionista,) but I digress.  The point I’m making here is that if you’re planning to workout at least do it in style so even if your resolution fails, your fashion won’t.

You can find this whole look on which offers free shipping and free returns

Today’s Kloset Pull

Pullover | Leggings  both via Zappos 
Sneakers ~ Nike Rifts (HereHere )

Are you planning to workout more in 2016? What are your motives?
What kind of workout gear do you wear when putting in a sweat?