Watch Me Work: My Best Red Carpet At The Soul Train Awards #GRWM

by Kéla Walker

The Soul Train is coming.  The Soul Train is coming. Specifically The Soul Train Awards.  It seems like just yesterday that I was in Las Vegas for the award show but it was weeks ago and finally the dopest award show around is about to broadcast for all of the world to see.  Trust me when I tell you do not want to miss it. Hosted but the illest, Erykah Badu, the show lives up to is hype.  But before the show- there’s the red carpet.  This was my third year working the carpet and if I may say so myself, it was my best “werk”.  Keep reading to hear about my red carpet expereince and this head to toe look that almost didn’t happen.

Watch Me Work 2016 The Soul Train Awards Red Carpet


After three years of covering the Soul Train Awards lets talk about why this was my best year yet. For one, I got to talk to pretty much everyone. Let me tell you the red carpet is no joke.  It’s like the survival of the fittest and the ultimate hustle trying to secure interviews with all the key players and believe me there are A LOT.  Despite reporting for the presenting network I still have to wranlge celebs to my mic but I felt really good about the interviews I  secured this year. I chatted with everyone from Jill Scott and Remmy Ma to Teyanna Taylor (+ baby Junie)  and Draya. It was so good.  I walked away feeling very accomplished and proud of all the interviews the team and I captured.

 The Soul Train Awards' Red Carpet 2016

Jill Scott

Kela Walker interviews Jill Scott on the The Soul Train Award's Red Carpet 2016

Anderson .Paak

Kela Walker has fun with Anderson. Paak on the red carpet at the Soul Train Awards

 Almost Twinning with Nikki Gilbert

Kela Walker and Nicci Gilbert on the red carpet at The Soul Train Awards

I remember sucking in and standing up all the way straight whne Draya stepped up to my mic

Kela Walker with Draya on the red carpet at The Soul Train Awards

Which leads me to my second reason why this was one of my best red carpets… I felt really good about my own presentation.  Like I said the red carpet is the survival of the fittest and as a host you have to fit in and look the part. After months of working out and trying to get snatched I definitely showed up and out for this carpet. I thought I felt my best at the BET Awards.  That was nothing compared to how I felt for the Soul Train Awards.  Not to mention this my anniversary carpet.  It’s the first one I ever coverd for Centric TV three years ago when they made the transition to being the first network designed for black women. This red carpet definitely trumped all others.   Now lets talk about this look from HEAD TO TOE

Kela Walker works the red carpet at the 2016 Soul Train Awards

My two  major key for  the soul train experience were my friend and makeup artist Camara Aunique that beat my face to the Gods for every event and Creme of Nature who made sure my hair was straight for every event including the red carpet .  They held me down- literally. Their edge control is no joke and I love their argan oil for my hair and body (Creme of Nature with Argan Oil from Morocco products can be found at Sally Beauty stores and select drugstores and beauty supply stores. Learn more about their products here)  They gave me all the tools I needed to create my sleek look which was the perfect compliment to this dress.

Speaking of this dress… YAS.  Let’s talk about it. She was everything I needed her to be and more for the award show. I won’t tell you how 24 hours before the show I had no idea what I was wearing. I didn’t even have a dress. Thankfully I recieved this bad boy  just  the nick of time. Thank God it FIT.  Speaking of which can we have a moment of praise for NO SPANX!! Shout out to God and my trainer Robert Brace. HALLELUJAH It was between this and another dress but I think I made the right choice especially since everyone I interviewed commented on it.  Heck, Tamar even scurried by me and said “Yasss Dress”.  *I DIE* I think it’s safe to say She Me Her Did That. (all my Tamar fans will get that)

Dress ~Wow Couture | Shoes ~ Aldo | Hair ~ Indique Pure Wavy | Hair Style ~ Creme of Nature

Kuties, trust me when I tell you that the Soul Train Awards are not to be missed this year.  It’s called the dopest show for a reason.  It’s such a feel good show with all your favorite singer’s singers involved.  This year Brandy shows up and out as she is honored with the Lady of Soul Award and the legend that is Teddy Riley is also honored and reminds us why he is so deserving of the awards as he delivers hit after hit after hit. ( I’m jamming out to him and GUY now as I type this post) Also, you won’t want to miss the open of the show- without telling you too much I’ll just say Bet / Centric TV are great with hitting you with the most unexpected act. Remember that time they open the show with the Refugess.  Yeah! THAT!  So be in postion at the very beginning.  Creme of Nature is a proud partner of the Soul Train Awards. Be sure to tune into the show Sunday November 27th on both Centric TV and BET ( check your local listings for show time)

Full Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Creme of Nature who really does hold me down an make sure my edges and relaxer stay on fleek