Glowing ~ Neon Dress

by Kéla Walker

I don’t know what I love more – the kolor of this dress or the swing style cut or maybe
it’s just the combo of the two. Either way you look at it, I love how it tops my tan. This neon color is a great topper on a tan, adding even more to a natural glow.
The combo of my tan and this kolor almost makes me believe I could glow in the dark.

The color itself is everywhere right now but I’ve had this dress for almost 3 years, before neon was so trendy. The shape of the dress,
although sack like – when belted, makes for a classic piece in my kloset.  When wearing bold bright kolors, I like to ground them with darker accessories.
How do you wear neon? Love to hear your Komments below!!!

Dress & Bracelet  ~ H&M (Another Glowing option & another)
Belt ~  Suzi Chin (taken from 1 of my dresses)
Necklace ~ Forever21
Bag ~ Rebecca Minkoff
Shoes ~ Steve Madden (similar)