A Go-To Outfit When You Dont Know What To Wear

by Kéla Walker

Does anyone else have that one outfit in their closet they keep wearing over and over again despite the massive amount of clothes they have?  This look is it for me, a lot lately.

Damn these leaves for telling on me.  If it weren’t for them you would never know I took these photos a while ago especially since I’ve been repeating this entire look- from head to toe- a lot lately. I’ve worn the look more times than I care to count with no intention of  letting up anytime soon.  The grey sweater, the ripped knee jeans (this particular pair is ridiculously comfy), classic black heels along with a long and lean wool coat and a great hat (This one is very much in formation with Beyoncé latest video)  because your outerwear has to be just as on point  as your outfit during these cold days.  I pull on this look when I don’t know what to wear, need to get dress in a hurry or simply want to be cute and comfy.  It’s got that dark NYC vibe without being too dark.  The The grey and black combo work for just about anything and because of the ripped jeans an wide brim hat, it has that touch of flair every look needs. Simply put, it’s my g0-to outfit.

Today’s Kloset Pull 

Coat ~ Forever 21 | Sweater ~ H&M | Jeans / Shoes / Hat / Purse ~ C/o  Zappos | Scarf ~ Zara|

What’s your go-to-outfit?