You Can Get With This Or That: The Gucci Edition

by Kéla Walker

 Everyone has been asking me about this floral kimono/ robe I’ve been rocking the hell out of lately. Unbeknownst to me at the time of purchase it’s inspired by a Gucci runway piece. That doesn’t bother me one bit; I’d much rather this look for less version than that 5 digit Gucci version.

 Continue to get the look for less

Who of us doesn’t love a good look for less. Case in point this floral robe. Before even know there was a Gucci heir at the throne, I fell in love with it.  You know I’m all the way into dusters and long flowing coverups so this piece was a no brainer.  Add on the fact that this version is ridiculously cheaper than it’s Gucci counter part, like 99% cheaper.  Absolutely every time I wear  it I receive a compliment on it.  I love it MORE.

 My research shows that the Gucci floral robe cost over 4,000. WOWZA.  Who’s paying that? No me, but the celebs seems to love it, it’s sold out everywhere.

( Marjory Harvey & Chrissy Teigen) 

Compare the Gucci version to the $100 H&M version and let me know which one you rather purchase.  You can get with THIS or you can get with THAT. Looks like both me and celeb stylist June Ambrose rather get with THIS because THIS is where it’s at.


* Note I could only find this H&M kimono on their Japan website ( It’s not available on U.S. site) but you can find it in store at any H&M that sells trends.*

What do you think of this Gucci Floral Robe / Kimono?
Which one would you buy- This or That?