When You Don’t Have The Gucci Coin But Want the Gucci Look

by Kéla Walker

I’m in love with these gold metallic Gucci Loafers. I should just go ahead and acknowledge that I’m in love with everything the design house is putting out lately because this is my second Gucci inspired look for less post. Yall know how I do.  I love the look but not the price and in true fashion, where there is a will there is a way to find these Gucci loafers for a lot less

If you are are about that life baller life, $7oo gold gucci loafers are NOTHING to you. You can get them in a heartbeat.

gucci loafer

But if you are like me and most fashionistas who love the look but hate the price you’ll want to get in on this look for less – as in almost 80% less.  That’s a little over 100 bucks for those of you still trying to do the math.  Considering the look for less version is also leather and has the same shiny metallic quality, I ran to the register to purchase these bad boys. Because really, how much do I want to invest in a GOLD foot.  They’re great for the moment, but come this time next year, I’ll probably be long over them.  In the interim find me wearing them with other bold and bright colors like the pink suit pictured above, jeans and pretty much anything else I want to add a cool golden touch to.

So you can get with this or you can get with that but I think I’ll go with this because this is where it’s at.  Oh, yeah, and they also come in a yummy pink color and another cool blue color, of course there is also the tradition black.

Get the look in your kloset

Which gucci loafer would you go with, the orginal $700 verson or the look for less version?