Hair Crush: Ciara Inspired My New Hairstyle

by Kéla Walker

We all have a hair crush in our life whose hair is consistently on point and inspires our own style. I actually have a few on my list but my top 5, consist of  Ciara.  Her tresses consistently slay. I’ve been inspired by her mane on more than one occasion including my most recent visit to the salon.

See how Ciara inspired my new look.

From the the length to the color and the messy wavy, Ciara’s hair is alway son point.  (we’re talking post Goodies Ciara -since she’s been working with Cesar4Styles. which has been for a few years now.)  I love it. They always get it right across the board.  Ciara probably makes up more than half of the images in the hair album within my photo roll. (There is a lot of Kim Kardashian in there too.  Don’t judge me.)  Wait, you have a hair file too, right? I can’t be the only one that takes a screen shot of their hair crush and stores them somewhere for easy access when I need them  I have a fashion inspiration photo too but anywho let’s get back to the subject at hand. I’ve been holding on to this “bang”ing image of Ciara for some time now.  Typically, I don’t gravitate towards bangs but there was something special about this look that drew me in.  Maybe it’s the long bob, the feathered cut, or the the tousled waves. Whatever the case, I love the edginess of  it all  how effortlessly chic it is.

After month of holding onto to the image (snapped in Sep 2015) I finally mustered up the courage to try something completely different from my signature deep side part look and ushered into the salon with the decision to bang out like Ciara.

I think, my beautician NAILED The Ciara bang hairstyle.  As for the Kela bang look… I’m still on the fence, getting use to this whole new look. I feel like a kid again.  The fact that I have a pie shaped face doesn’t help the matter.  Despite that,  I’m leaning towards loving it but you know bangs can be a very tricky thing. One minute you love them and are all into them, the next you over them, wishing for them to grow out asap.  I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback about them which makes the changes a little easier.  More than anything thing though , I’m excited for the change and it’s inevitable impact on my style. Thanks Ciara for the inspiration

 What say you about my new bang style?  You think my stylist got Ciara’s look right?
Do you have a hair inspiration? I’d love to here about them below