Scare The Competition With A Halloween Costume Stylist

by Kéla Walker

Let’s face it, Halloween costumes come down to one thing… the most believable and creative get-up.  It’s a competition of masks and trickery where the best illusion wins the prize- whatever that may be.  For those of you that love the thrill of it all you’ll be happy to know that Ricky’s NYC is hosting their annual Ricky’s NYC Costume Concierge to help you get costume ready and boo-tiful for the big occasion.

“Kontinue” to learn more about Ricky’s NYC Costume Concierge service

Already a cult favorite, Ricky’s NYC is the go-to for halloween costumes and this concierge service is just the thing to take a look to the next level . From bloodcurdling monsters to ghostly ghouls and even a prosthetic looks Ricky’s NYC has this whole scary halloween costume thing down. If fairy princesses with pink wigs and glitter is your thing, they cover that too.  Prices start at just $45 for the bloodcurdling Bronx package that includes makeup application and go up to $125 for the Goulash Gold that includes wig styling and full body makeup- you can’t get that at Mac stores.   There’s even a Pet option for those of you who take it to that level ( Yes, Im judging) At ay rate, avoid being lame for Halloween and schedule your Ricky’s Costume Concierge appointment here

Are you participating in halloween?  If so, what are your plans for a halloween costume?