Why Easter Is And Will Forever Be My Favorite

by Kéla Walker

Have I ever told you kuties that Easter is my holiday ( that and Thanksgiving ) but Easter takes me back to my childhood in the south when lots of planning, preparation and pomps and circumstances went into the special day.

As a child I didn’t understand the importance of Resurrection Sunday.  I just knew it as Easter and it was  a pretty big deal in my house and church.  Where I’m from in the South ( North Carolina) church was a huge production, especially on Easter.  So as you can imagine a lot went into the day.  I remember rehearsing and memorizing scriptures and special poems to perform in church on the big day.  Of course you had to have the assemble to match because you there was no way my grandmother was putting me in front of the congregation without looking THE BEST. Let me tell you something, Easter Sunday style took Sunday Best to another level. When I tell you the adults made a big deal out of the occasion while us kids had the most fun demolishing our Easter baskets and hanging out at Easter egg hunts.
I miss those days.

 As an adult the memories and joy of it all still stick with me and get me happy and giddy just thinking about it.  There just aren’t any Easter eggs or baskets however I do now  have a deeper appreciation for the day.  I definitely still go to church for the big day and of course I put together a special look for the day- I mean Grandma wouldn’t have it any other way.   And I get to experience the innocence of it all through my Godson. We have our own little tradition where we snap pictures in front of the church showing off our Sunday best

 With my girls Sass and Nicole

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