Why You Need To Pay Attention To H&M Shoes

by Kéla Walker

You: OMG You’re shoes are so Kute
Me: Thank You
You: Where are they from?
Me: H&M
You: WHAT! For real? I didn’t know H&M made shoes like that.

That’s the conversation I keep having over and over again lately. Everyone is in disbelief over how H&M shoes are. Case in point these boots. Yep H&M footwear and NO, they don’t hurt my feet. Kontinue for a deeper conversation on H&M shoes and why you need to pay attention to them.

I’ve been noticing a change in H&M shoes for a few month now and I’m loving this new element of the brand.  For a long time H&M footwear, flip flops or some other disposable / forgettable footwear but NOW… Trust me when I tell you’re their definitely worth taking note of

These are not cheap imitation, callous creating, shred-to-pieces-after-a-couple-of-wear  shoes. These are GOOD quality shoes.  From sneakers and flats to heels and boots, H&M shoes are pretty dope in design and quality.

H&M shoes starts anywhere from $29 or $59 and range up to $200 for their premium quality shoes which most times come in limited quantity. The trick is to look for the leather symbol on shoes. Make sure both the upper and the inside of the shoes are leather. Anything else and that’s when you start to gamble with achy feet and those callouss and corns we talked about.

These trendy mule heels are premium quality H&M shoes – available online now.

Kloset Klue: You’re more likely to catch H&M Shoes no sale in store than online. I got the sandals pictured above (with Iman) on sale for $25, marked down from $99.  SCORE.  In fact, I’ve scored four pair of H&M shoes in the past four months- I really racked up during their winter ssale. Clearly I’m a fan and something tells me now that  you know about all the amazingly cute and quality footwear H&M has in store, you will be too.

Have you checked out H&M Shoes? What do you think? Would you try H&M shoes on for size?