Turtlenecks and Tights

by Kéla Walker

Tis the season when the days are shorter and night comes early and the cool air turns to cold as the  turtlenecks and tights to come out of hiding to keep us warm through it all.

I want to be cute in the cold like most of us but I’m not willing to suffer for it.  And so such is the time of the year when I layer everything with turtlenecks and tights.  In fact I doubled up on this day and had on two pair of tights- the thick wool ones and the nylon one.  I like to contrast and compliment the tights and turtlenecks with what I’m wearing.  I love this dress as is but by adding the layers suddenly the look has a little more depth and interest factor  increases.


 Today’s Kloset Pull

Jacket ~ Zara | Vest ~ Purchased in Italy | Dress & Shoes ~ Zara | Turtleneck ~ H&M
Bag ~ DvF 

How do you stay cute in the cold?  Are you a fan of turtlenecks and tights?