How to Get EyeBrows #OnFleek: Tips from Celeb Makeup Artist

by Kéla Walker

If eyes are the window to the soul then eyebrows are the drapes and curtains that frame them. They’re a pretty big deal and make all the difference in facial structure and a great makeup job. I remember the first time my MUA turned friend Camara did my makeup, telling her not to give me those Mac Brows – you know the ones,  eyebrows that look like they have a halo over them or are a few strokes away from unibrow- yeah, THAT.  Needless to say, she passed the test and my brows were on point aka on fleek.
Continue to see her steps for eyebrows on fleek

Kontinue for MUA Camara Unique’s tips for eyebrows on fleek.

 I can’t rave about Camara’s skills enough. You know, not every make up artist is created equal much less able to give you eyebrows on fleek but Camara is one of very few that I trust with my skin and brows.  She’s the key makeup artist for “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and a go to for stars from “Orange Is The New Black” amongst several others.  Not one to name drop Camara’s skills speak for themselves so I figured I’d have her share a few pointers for sculpting the perfect eyebrows or excuse me eyebrows on fleek.

First up, Camara suggest using the following tools & supplies which pretty much every style & beauty girl should have in their arsenal ( the brand is to your discretion)

1. Brow comb | 2. Angled Brush (looks like a mascara brush) | 3. Cosmetic Brow Gel |
4. Under eye concealer| 5. Brow pencil that best match your eyebrow shade
(Camara prefers MAC Cosmetics Brow Pencils in Spiked, Strut & Stud. She uses Spiked on me)

Now for Eyebrows on Fleek
NOTE,  the eyebrows are the first thing Camara does before applying any makeup (as do many MUA’s)

1-  Use the brow comb to comb brows up towards your hairline

2- Use the brow pencil to fill in any sparse spaces to shape the brow making brush strokes throughout the brow bone to define and shape them..
**Im going to interject here and say Don’t just draw a line unless you’re going for that Meagan Good look which I would strongly encourage against.  You know those are tattoos, right?**
Okay carry on with Camara’s tips!

See this Chart on where your eyebrows should begin, arch and end

3- Soften any harsh lines you may see from the pencil with the comb or brush

4- Lightly dip the angled brush into your favorite concealer and spread the concealer under your brow starting at the mid section and following through the end of you brow line

5-  BLEND, BLEND, BLEND the concealer into your eye lid. This last step will help give your brows a precise look and conceals any stray hairs.

6- Go over your brows once again with the comb to soften any potential harsh lines

7- Lastly stroke the brow gel over your brow  to set them in place.

Voila- your brows are now on FLEEK!!

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