How I Pack Light and Travel In Style #ZapposStyle

by Kéla Walker

Summer is winding down and with it our wanderlust for the season. I got one more trip on the calendar before things come to a full halt this Fall so this month’s Zappos style challenge to show how I pack light and travel in style for my wanderlust adventures is right on time.

Truth be told my wanderlust never ends – I’m always adding new destinations to my list of places to visit ( I’m not into to visiting the same place twice- there’s way to much world to cover before I start doing repeats) But whenever I do travel, I got the the packing thing down to a science.  I hate overpacking- particularly because I hate carrying all that stuff and I don’t want to pay to check a bag- much less one that’s overweight.  To keep my luggage manageable I have two very simple and important rules to travel in style.

For ONE – Pack versatile piece that are easy, effortless and  interchangeable with each other and your activities. Case in point THIS DRESS. The fabric (breathable), the cut, the stripes – it’s instant style. I don’t have to do a thing but put it on and go.  The real beauty of a including a dress like this is it’s versatility.  I can wear it casually in the day with sneakers and a tote bag OR….

I can opt to dress it up in the evening with heels and a cute bag. It’s seamless in my style – which is what you want when you’re packing for a getaway and can only take a very small fraction of you closet with you.


The 2nd Rule – DO NOT take a bunch of shoe. DON’T DO IT. So many people make the mistake of packing a gang of shoes to go with every single look in their luggage. BIG MISTAKE.  The beauty of rule number 1 is that since the iece are interchangeable- they should all coordinate with the same shoe.  With that in mind I only pack 2 pair of heels. YES, ONLY TWO.  ( I don’t put a limit on flats because I lines my suitcase with them but don’t get carried away)   I take one simplistic pair that will work with absolutely everything  and a FIERCE pair- like these- for those special nights out on town or just when I want to take a look to another level.

Overall- I pack a couple of dresses, a romper, short sets, a skirt and bunch of shirts that I can switch up  all the pieces with + Accessories to style them up.   Zappos has been fueling the rules of my travel bag for a while now-  versatile fashion choices and heels for any occasion flood their site amongst a few other things that I carry with me when I travel 

One Dress With Lots Of Versatility

Today’s Kloset Pull 

Dress ~ Via Zappos

Dress Down:  Sneakers ~ Ted Baker Via Zappos (Sold out but komparable here and here  | Bag ~ Goyard

Dressed Up:   Shoes ~ c/o  Zappos | Bag ~ Rebecca Minkoff  c/o Zappos

What are your tips for packing light and traveling in style?