Here’s How To Rock The Peasant Dress Trend

by Kéla Walker

Another day, Another dress which happens to look very  similar to the peasant dress I wore recently.  Momma said there would be days like this.

Just the other day I posted a look very similar to this peasant dress. Well, it was another peasant dress. They’re kind of a hit for Fall and I guess you can say I’m into them.  It’s about the only way you can get me to rock that whole’s 70’s trend thing happening right now.  When I was younger and had similar outfits my mom would always have me wear them close together or back to back. Her rationale was that no one would mistake  them for the same look if I wore them close together.  Because who wears the same thing on Monday and Wednesday.  I’m not sure if it makes since or if it even matters but it’s a concept that’s stuck with me all these years. So when it was time for me to wear one peasant dress I knew the other one would soon follow

Plus the whole peasant dress trend looks uber cute with my milk braid.  My tip for making the look more trendy than like a  costume is in the make up.  I go with a bold lip and my signature cat eye.  It gives the look a modern feminine touch

Today’s Kloset Pull 

 Dress ~ Zara | Heels ~ c/o Zappos | Bag ~ Monika Chiang

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