What’s Old is New ~ Shift Dress & Messenger Bag

by Kéla Walker

While I love sharing my kloset with everyone, ONE of the reason I started this blog was to encourage people to shop their own kloset and renew the things they already own. Take for instance this shift dress…   

I love buying the latest and greatest just as much as the next fashionista but lets be real, we can’t always shop as much as we want to.  And truthfully we shouldn’t and that’s when I employ the 80/20 rule. What exactly is the 80/20 rule, you ask? It’s my theory that on any given day, your outfit should be 80 percent old- things you already own and 20 percent new – things recently added to you kloset.  Let’s be real, most of us don’t NEED anything but we keep shopping because thats what we LOVE and WANT to do.  Thats why it’s important to build a kloset filled with personal style instead of trendy fast fashion.  Be careful not to get so caught up in the trends because then you have a kloset that’s only good for a season and outdated by the next.  When you build a kloset filled with things you love and  speaks to your personal style, you kind of eliminate the need to always buy something new. This way you can shop for pieces that will update what you already have, making those classic pieces work with the trends of the moment.

Can you point out whats new and old in today’s post?


Most of the element of this look are 3-5 years old or 80% old
(including these color block Prada pumps that I scored for less than $50 bucks long before color blocking was trendy)
The 20% percent comes from the accessories, primarily the bag which very much speaks to my personal style and will be in my kloset for years to come.

How do you build and wear your Kloset?

Shift Dress old ~ Zara (LOVE this one)
Belt old & Bag ~ DvF
Jewelry ~ ABS Schwarts via Loehmann’s | Forever21 | Hermes
Necklace ~ Banana Republic (similar)
Watch ~ Diesel
Sunnies ~ H&M
Shoes old ~ Prada