Old is New

by Kéla Walker

How often are you inspired to try something new with something old from your kloset? Such was the case today when I wore a dress as a skirt in another effort to maximize my kloset.

Yes, this skirt is a dress.  I don’t know why it never occurred to me to wear this dress as skirt before considering I play that trick all the time.   The dress is super old in the kloset and truth be told it  actually doesn’t really fit any more- at least not like it should.  It’s a skinny girl dress as I like to refer to it and is a little too body conscious for me and the few lumps I’m currently carrying. Fit or not, it’s a kloset keeper so when I saw a recent picture online that inspired me I took to the kloset to recreate the look and maximize the dress as a skirt.  I should have did this a long time ago.  It was a streetstyle or pinterest photo that inspired the look.

wearing a dress as a skirt

How to wear turtlenecks and skirt

 wearing a dress as a skirt with layers

Today’s Kloset Pull 

Leather Jacket old ~ Express | Turtleneck Sweater old ~ H&M |
Dress worn as Skirt old ~ Diane Von Furstenberg | Shoes ~ Chloe
Bag ~ Phillip Lim for Target

Get the look in your Kloset

When was the last time you tried something new with an old piece from your kloset?