Just Add Color

by Kéla Walker

Hey Kuties! Before we get into this leopard print and color look can I just say that I hope you had a great weekend and an Easter that was just as refreshing as mine. 


I have to admit I have been in a bit of a slump lately, for no particular reason or anything I could pinpoint. I just had the most nonchalant carefree attitude. Everything was getting the  KANYE SHRUG. However this past Easter weekend revived me and giving me the jolt I needed to perk up.  I won’t start preaching or going into my religious beliefs because I know you’re not here for that but the significance of the weekend and basking in it definitely helped me. It was just the motivation I needed to kick off this week with a bang and this look definitely fell in line with that.   I love leopard print with color especially bold colors like green, red and orange. It’s an unexpected pairing with a fresh perspective. I took things a step further and topped off the look with my neon yellow satchel. Honestly, I carried it over the weekend and really didn’t feel like changing bags. Thank goodness it works! Isn’t it great when things just work out & come together, in life and in fashion? #WontHEdoit

Today’s Kloset Pull

Top ~ Phillip Lim for Target | Skirt ~ Zara | Watch ~ Diesel | Bag ~ Joe Fresh | Heels ~ Prada |
Lipstick ~ Stila Besos

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