How To Style Sneakers Like Your Favorite Fashionistas

by Kéla Walker

Can I kick it? Yes you can! Sorry, but I had to inset that iconic Black Sheep lyric.  They weren’t referring to sneakers per se but that just what I’m talking about ni this style post.  Sneakers are style of choice to kick it around town these days.  Gone are the times when only heels were considered street-style worthy.  These days more & more fashionistas are kicking the heels to the side and stepping out in style,  in sneakers.

how to wear sneakers like your favorite fashionista and blogger
 ( With Tiffany of The Werk Place )

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a frilly dress or jeans and a tee; fresh sneakers are the way to go.  A long time ago, pairing sneakers with your fancy frocks seemed unconventional and lazy but this look has become not only one of the top trends but also a wardrobe staple, changint the way your favorite fashionistas get dressed.  These are not your workout sneakers but cool chic kicks made for fancy footwear.  Designer brands from Gucci to Dior are taking heed, putting out cute sneakers.  Pair with the right skirt and shirt- the look  is very tomboy chic not to mention they the most comfortable way to step out in style.  Speaking of which, that seems to the be the choice for most off duty model looks. Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid are just a few of the “it” girls kicking it around town in sneakers.

fashionistas step out in sneakers

Personally, I’m in love with my adidas. There’s nothing the classic style does’nt work with.  I’ve been pulling them on with everything from jeans  and dresses for cute and effortless summer ‘fits.

how to style adidas sneakers

style adidas sneakers with a dress

 I’m also a HUGE fan of metallic sneakers with just about anything. I ran these Michael Kors pair into the ground.  The gold metallic tone elevate and puntuate even the most basic look,  perfectly.

metallic sneakers punctuate even the most basic outfit

 So whether you go for something classic or shiny, take a cue from me and other fashion girls in the know and switch out those heels and pumps for a comfy and cool look with your favorite sneakers.

More kute kicks to step out in style