White Flowers

by Kéla Walker

I’m not really a fan of white pant ( too much fear of dirt) but these white pants with a floral side stripe are just my style

How to style white pants

how to style white pants

*clearly I took these pictures a prior to my birthday *
I love these white pants with the floral side panel.  I purchased them months ago waiting for the right moment to wear them.  Of course now that are on super sale but this is one of my favorite looks of the season.

how to wear white in the summer

stylish ways to wear white pants

Kéla Walker

stylish white pants

Are you a fan of white pants or jeans, what do you think about the way I pull this look together?

Today’s Kloset Pull 

Shirt old  ~ H&M | Basic Undershirt | Pants ~ H&M on super sale now | Purse old ~ H&M | Shoes ~ Zara | Jewelry ~ Assorted