What Effortless Style On The Go Looks Like #ZapposStyle

by Kéla Walker

Another day, another duster. Let these back to back outfit of the day posts featuring dusters serve as proof that I’m ulterly obsessed with these fly pieces in my closet. I’m officially claiming the long flowy pieces my uniform especially for effortless style on the go.  

how to wear a duster

A duster works with sneakers just as well as heels

I just did a post on dusters the other day and here I am with another one.  If this isn’t proof that Im infatuated with these pieces in my kloset, I don’t know what is. Seriously, they are my go-to piece. This post is also proof that dusters work with more than just heels as you’ve seen me previsouly wear them.  Even with sneakers, the piece still adds flare.  I love mine with jeans and tee’s to elevate even the most basics to a no basic zone. This is what that cool girl, effortless syle looks like.

a duster adds flare to a cute and casual look

how to wear a duster

Elevate your basics with a duster jacket

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