Live in the Moment ~ Print Silk Maxi Dress

by Kéla Walker

I have been holding on to this dress for a some time now, waiting for the right moment wear it out and about. Said moment has yet to arrive but  I couldn’t let the year past without pulling it out the kloset.  

silk print maxi dress

I was waiting for an awesome occasion to wear this dress but decided to just say eff it and wear it simply because I love it.  Ideally, I would wear it on some exotic vacation on a yacht somewhere or something grand sounding like that but BUBBLE BURST, that’s not my reality. So instead of waiting for the right moment, I’m living in the moment and wearing it just because.  However, depending on how this NYC weather treats me,  don’t be surprised if it shows up again some time soon on one of my red carpet shoots one day.

print maxi dress

print maxi dress with slit


Dont wait for a certain moment. Dress in the moment and wear whatever your heart desires.

Today’s Kloset Pull

Dress ~ Diane von Fursteberg
(kinda like in Plus Size)  & Sleeveless Version
Purse ~ Zara
Belt ~ Vintage
Bracelets ~ Hermes | Watch ~ Diesel
Shoes 6 years old ~ Prada
Lipstick ~ Stila Fiery