Simplicity At It’s Best

by Kéla Walker

Sunflowers and effortlessly stylish dresses- two very simple things that make me smile which explains why I’m cheesing through this outfit of the day post.   Continue for the obligatory blogger photo shoot accessorized with a gorgeous floral bloom

Can you believe I found these beautiful sunflowers at my local Duane Reade pharmacy. I love sunflowers- they’re my favorite flower. They are one of the few flowers with a name that actually matches its appearance.  Think about it. Why is a rose, a rose?  It could just as easily be called a poppy flower – I totally made that up but the point is the name doesn’t match the look. Yes, I think about little thing like that. Another favorite in this post is this drape dress. I love how easy and simple it is, not to mention very versatile. I dress it up with heels, wear it casual with flats and even throw it on sometime with a pair of skinny jeans.  I Love It. I Love It *in my payless commercial voice*  It’s also a go-to for date night.  Its comfortable but still sexy- the shape and style is unassuming but it’s sheer and intriguing, revealing just the right amount of skin without being overly salacious (I wear biker short under).  My summer is never complete without me taking it for a spin.

See, I DO wear FLATS.  As much as I live for a pair of firece heels, I equally live for a pair of cool and interesting flats.  It’s all in the details which is why I swooned over these mosquito adorned flats.  I mean really, how Kute are they?


Today’s Kloset Pull

Sunflowers ~ Duane Reade  | Dress super old (Also worn here) ~ Kenneth Cole | Necklace old ~ Forever 21 | Purse old~ Zara | Shoes ~ Zara

Get the Look in Your Kloset?

What’s your favorite flower? What makes you smile?