Indecisive ~ My Go To Dress + 2 Pair of Heels

by Kéla Walker

I love a good shift dress.  Worn loose or belted (like yesterday) they always do the trick. They are the first thing I go to when I need something quick to throw on but still want to look effortlessly stylish. They are my bona fide kloset keepers; the only problem is deciding which shoe to wear with them.


No matter the trend, this cut is always in style for me. I’ve had this one for almost 5 years.  My favorite store, Zara, is always a good source for a great shift dresses.   But like any purchase, I always make sure it’s something I will wear for years to come.  It’s easy to buy the kutest, trendiest look of the moment but how will it fit in your kloset 5 years from now? That’s the question I always ask myself.  It’s a great way to build a kloset with staying power that speaks to your personal style and not just the trend of the moment.
The only dilemma is deciding which shoe to wear with my go to dress!

The Black Sequin and Metallic Heels?

sequins and gold metallic heels

Kéla Walker TV host and Fashion Blogger

effortless style of a shift dress

Or the Cutout Cork Heels?

Fendi natural cutout heels

Great all purpose dress

I couldn’t decide between the cutout cork pump or the black sequin and metalic pump.  Both work really well with the dress.
Which heel do you think worked best with my go to dress?
Let me know in the komments below.
BTW, my 20% today is the Bracelet and Metallic heels. The rest, 80% is all old

Dress old & Black Sequin Metallic Heels ~ Zara (love this one & this one is cute)
(love these heels)
Bag oldLiebeskin Berlin
Bracelet ~ ABS Schwartz
Necklace & Ring old ~ Kenneth Cole
Cork Heels old ~ Fendi
Watch ~ Diesel
Lipstick ~ Fiery by Stila