1 Sweatshirt Styled 4 Ways ~ For the Office

by Kéla Walker

In conjunction with the bright new season and my retail hiatus I’m kicking off a special kloset feature showing how to maximize your kloset  and wear a sweatshirt 4 ways with my new favorite addition :
1 sweatshirt styled 4 Ways

stylish sweatshirt

Sweatshirts might be a big trend right now but they have been a kloset keeper for many.  I on the other hand am not a fan of the casual piece but that all changed when I saw the Prabal Gurung for Target one.  I drooled over this bestseller and had to have it in my kloset.  Needless to say, it’s the only sweatshirt I own, which got me to thinking of different ways to work it and how to wear a sweatshirt to compliment my style. What follows is the 1st post in a week long series 1 sweatshirt styled 4 Ways.  The idea is to show you different ways to work  the kasual piece into different looks.  While my sweatshirt may be colorful you can use any sweatshirt to recreate these looking in your kloset.  

 Ways to style a sweatshirt

how to wear a sweatshirt to the office

how to style a sweatshirt

For this look I wanted to dress the sweatshirt up and make it more “professional”.   I layered a silk tank under the sweatshirt to soften its edge a bit and paired it with these pintuck pants and patent leather accessories.   Mixing the office apparel with the sweatshirt it made it a little less kasual and very work friendly.

how to style the prabal gurung for target sweatshirt

how to style a sweatshirt

different ways to wear or style a sweatshirt

 What do you think of the 1st look ing 4ways to wear a sweatshirt? (Professional) Log on tomorrow for another way to wear the sweatshirt? 

Today’s Kloset Pull

Sweatshirt~ Prabal Gurung for Target (Komparable) & (Love this one | Tank ~ Target |
Pants & Necklace ~ Forever 21 |
Shoes ~ Zara | Bag ~ TJMaxx Score  | Watch ~ Croton | Bracelets ~ Links of London & Hermes