Vested In My Style

by Kéla Walker

This post is all about how to wear a vest and style them.  Vest are one of the most underrated accessories in most people’s kloset yet they are one of my favorite items.  Most people find them hard to pull off or just down right unfashionable.   Kontinue to see the variety of ways I style a vest and pick up a some style inspiration on how to wear a vest…..

how to wear a vest

 Vest are one of the best ways to mix things up and add extra flair to your style.  Long, short, plain, embellished, inside, outside and beyond I’m a sucker for a great vest.  It’s the easiest way to take something old and make it new again and all with one simple  layer. What’s not to love about that.

This green fur coatvest was the  perfectly layered to renew  my old leather jacket for a look that’s on trend with the multi texture coat of this season.  Except, I didn’t have to buy a new coat to achieve the look.  This DvF Mongolian vest that I scored last year is another gret piece that I can layer over my coat or pair with an outfit for added flair. It was quite the fluffy addition to my kloset but it’s a keeper for the versatility it offers.

One of my favorite looks from the kloset was kreated with this faux leather motorcycle vest that took a standard sheath dress from regular to rocker chic

I dont get to wear this long vest as much as I’d like but when I do it adds a little something extra to my outfit and pulls my separates together for a more cohesive and interesting look.


how to wear a vest

 I probably get the most use out of this utility, military vest. The long belted style has a lot of versatility to it.  I wear it open over  dresses to give them a little more depth or belt it over a top and pants for a looks thats more structured.

how to wear a vest

how to wear and style a vest

 how to style a vest

There are a few more vest in the kloset that Im sure you will see soon but these are just a few of my favorites.
For me, vest are a great for mixing things up in my kloset, helping me optimize it to the fullest.
What’s one of your favorite accessories or pieces to reKnew things in your Kloset?

Today’s Kloset Pulls

Green Coat Vest ~ Forever 21 (komparable)
Mongolian Fur Vest last season ~ Dian von Fursenberg (komparable)
Studded Motorcycle Vest old ~ Hollister (komparable) (Komparable 2)
Long Vest last season ~ H&M (komparable)
Utility Military Vest old ~ Banana Republic