Style Formula: Pull Off The Athleisure Trend With Heels

by Kéla Walker

The athleisure trend isn’t completely void of heels- on the contrary they make a perfect pairing with sweats and jogger pants, helping to fuse the two worlds of fashion and sports together.

How to wear Athleisure Trend with heels still in the mix

Yesterday I did a whole breakdown on the athleisure trend in a skirt and sneaker look but sweats and heel are another way to tap into the trend.  You can elevate the most causal and comfy look with a pair of pumps. Imagine this looks with sneakers, it would  be a regular ol athletic sporty ‘fit but by pairing it with heels, the style changes.  This is the essence of athleisure.


The key with athletic wear or sweats is to keep it simple. Don’t pull out your most elaborate and grandiose heels .  Opt instead for simple pumps and heels that compliment and elevate the sporty attire.  Also when wearing joggers, sweatpants or track paint like these, go for a pair with elastic at the end.

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Shirt & Shoes ~ H&M  | Shoes ~ Prabal Gurung x Target | Purse ~ Zara

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