Missed Mini Bag

by Kéla Walker

What a lovely winter we are having this spring. lol.  I snapped these pictures with this mini bag before leaving for India but despite it now being Spring, they are still just as relevant today as they were a few weeks ago. 

I really cannot wait to shed these winter layers.  You know it’s been my goal to keep things bright this season however more times than not, it was too cold to care but then this purse arrived and seemed to make things a little better.  As of later I’ve been switching out my big “carry everything plus the kitchen sink ” purses for smaller cross body bags like this one which are so much easier and carry just the bare necessities. I conjured up all types of outfits to pair this kutie with. I even packed it to go on an overnight trip to LA recently  which I now regret.  You see, the airlines -US AIRWAYS- forced me to check my carryon bag and then lost it.  Now the bag is no more, at least not in my closet.  The fact that my luggage including this bag made it to India but not to LA is mind boggling to me.   I’m so frustrated behind the situation but more than anything I’m sad to no longer have this little mini.  I was just getting acquainted with it. I’m hoping I can get another one to carry me through Spring but in the meantime I’m mourning my loss.

 Today’s Kloset Pull

Coat, Scarf, T-Shirt & Jeans ~ Zara | Jacket ~ Perter Pilotto x Target | Shoes ~ Kelsi Dagger
Necklace ~ H&M | Bag ~ Pour la Victoire ℅ Paula and Chlo (ON SALE) | Beanie ~ NYC Vendor

Get The Look In Your Kloset

Have you ever lost something ( your fault or not) that you wished you could replace, if so what?