New Denim Requirements: Distress, Ripped and Shredded

by Kéla Walker

I feel like I’m cheating on my boyfriend (jeans) with distressed denim. More than ever before, I’m really into ripped jeans and shreds that shows off a wee bit of skin underneath it all.

I feel like ripped distressed jeans are  the only way to wear denim this spring and summer. It’s like denim has a new requirement to be distressed, ripped or shredded.  I’m so in love with these new pair.  You can hardly see the rip in them  but that’s the beauty of them.  I wore them to work with little to no notice of my exposed skin.

 They fit perfect and are just the right wash.  Oddly enough it’s hard to find knee ripped blue jeans -everything comes in black and on the raid occasion  you do find blue, wash is horrid. I discovered this pair on Zappos when I was looking for those “I Can’t” shoes. You know how one click leads to another and next thing you know you got a cart full of stuff.  I just received them and I’m already I want another pair because I know I’m going to live in them this summer.

Did I say, they fit perfectly. It was actually between these and another pair on the Zappos which is filled with loads denim of them to get your through the season and beyond. Sidebar: they also have lots of festival style, if that’s your thing and all.  These jeans are perfect for this transitional weather we are going though.  I love’m for those cool turn hot then cold again days.

A woman is as young as her knees.  HA

Today’s Kloset Pull 

Sweater – H&M | Jeans – Blanks NYC c/o Zappos
Heels -Joe Fresh | Purse ~ Goyard | Lipstick Sephora Dark Berry Stain