Remix ~ Floral Pants with Coral Hi-Lo Top & Blue Bag

by Kéla Walker

As of late, folks keeps asking if I ever repeat my klothes.  Umerah, YEAH! Of course I do! I’m not that girl that can’t be seen in the same thing twice. I’m too frugal for that. However, when I do commit a kloset repeat, I’m always sure to remix it.

A lot of people dont optimize their kloset and wear the same thing over and over again in the same way, like uniforms.

the floral trend

Like these floral pants I love.
The last time I wore them here, they were the focal point. This time around I remixed them and played with the kolor.

Fun ways to style floral pants

How to style floral pants

How do you remix your Kloset?

***Photos taken by Anthony Austin***

Top ~ Forever 21 (similar)
Floral Pants  (also worn here) ~ H&M (similar) (similar)
Cuff & Bracelets ~ H&M (similar)
Shoes ~ Zara
Bag old ~ The Gap (similar)