Styling 50 Shades of Grey

by Kéla Walker

 Everyone is talking about 50 Shades of Grey but frankly I’m more interested in the color in my closet  and style than anything else.  

Ironically on  the heels of talking about wearing color to brighten up  winter style, I’m posting a colorless ootd with these shades grey.  But you know what, I love it just the same.  In my defense, I did add color with the lipstick and bag. If (insert the latest hot color)  is the new black then grey is the old black.  I feel like grey is so underrated, as if it’s the forgotten color.  People forget how versatile it is.  Grey is one of those few colors that works with other shades in the family unlike black that often times need to match with other shades of black.   Welp, somebody got the memo and grey is super on trend, having a moment right now.  Crazy enough, I’m pretty sure the film 50 Shades of Grey had something to do with that.

Can we just take a minute and notice how my hair stands out against these shades of grey.  YAS!!!  These pictures are yet another reminder of how much I love my hair color.  I’m so glad I didn’t punk out on the hair color.


Today’s Kloset Pull

Coat ~ Forever 21  | Sweater ~ H&M (On Super sale right now) | Pants ~ H&M |
Shoes ~ Zara | Purse ~ Kenneth Cole  | Lipstick ~ Stila Besos

Are you feeling 50 shades of grey, the film or the color in your closet?