When Art and Fashion Meet for the Perfect #OOTD Moment

by Kéla Walker

I love finding dope art murals in NYC. Besides being great public art they make the perfect backdrop for an outfit of the day shoot. So imagine how giddy I was when i stumbled upon this one that complimented my outfit of the day perfectly.

A few weeks ago Ty , Christen and I set out on an adventure with Chevy to discover hidden gems around NYC. While checking out a chocolate distillery in the Redhook section of Brooklyn (yes, there’s actually such a place in Brooklyn) we discovered this gorgeous mural.

My jacket coordinated perfectly with the work of art. How could I not do a photoshoot in front of the masterpiece. so , I convinced Ty to throw on her photographer hat and snap a few GREAT photos of me.

I mean how dope are the photos.

I only regret that I didn’t get a picture of the mural without me posing in front of it.  Vain Much?!  Nonetheless, I love these pictures.  They’re so on point.  I had a problem narrowing down the selects for the blog but then decided IDC, it’s my site and I”ll post as many as I please.  SorryNotSorry.   I’m hoping to discover more dope art murals like this,  this summer.

Oh, and with Ty and a DSLR camera.  Can you believe she shot these on an iphone? Yep! Told you she was great with the camera.  Now if only I can convince her to run around town with me and snap me in front of all the art murals I plan on discovering this summer.

Today’s Kloset Pull 

Jacket ~ The Gap (Old) | Shirt ~ Forever 21 |
Jeans ~ Charlotte Russe | Shoes ~ Zara (old) | Purse ~ Rebecca Minkoff c/o Zappos

Get the look in your kloset