Kasual Friday ~ Neon Color Staple with Classic Denim

by Kéla Walker

I am really loving this combo of  neon colors (in this case fluorescent orange) with  neutrals.  This color combo kicks winter gear basic staples in to high gear.

Neon colors styled neutral

styling Neutrals and neons

I did something ver similar to this last week and here I am again this week acting as a repeat offender but hey, it if works, it works, right?

Joe Fresh Neon Sweater

how to wear neon colors to work

casual style neons

Joe Fresh Sweater

 Neutral and neons

 What do you think of the bold neon color and neutrals combo in the winter?

Today’s Koset Pull

Coat old ~ Dolce & Gabbana
Sweater & Shoes ~ Joe Fresh
Jeans ~ Marc Marc Jacobs
Bag old~ TJ Maxx Score