Coat of Plaid

by Kéla Walker

I saw, I stalked and I conquered this fun plaid coat from my Zara wish list. It’s just another colorful piece to fuel my desires for winter brights this season. Isn’t it just a kutie!! I kind of love it

 This plaid coat is like my new go to, adding just the right amount of flare to my casual looks -not to mention it’s also the perfect compliment to my blue beanie which I’ve been favoring a lot lately.  Despite my  recent infatuation with this plaid coat, I am kind of on the fence about it.  I know.  I KNOW.  The thing is I think it might be a gamble.  For one it has no buttons which is great for that cool effortless flowing look you see in all the magazine but know isn’t realistic because in reality it’s too cold to be walking NYC streets with your coat all open and what not. Second, as fun as this plaid coat is right now, I’m not sure how I will feel about it next year. It’s right on the line of trendy and classic but is it too trendy? Heck already trendsters are reporting that plaid is out and gingham is in (peep the shirt tied around my waist). At any rate, I stalked this plaid # down from $250 to $99 so Im enjoying it for the time being.  Heck, you can’t deny the cool factor it adds to my casual style.   


 Today’s Kloset Pull

Coat ~ Zara | T-Shirt & Necklace ~ Forever 21 | Waist Shirt ~ Thrift Buy | Jeans ~ H&M | Boots ~ Zara |
Bag ~ DvF | Beanie ~ NYC Street Vendor

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