Don’t Sweat it

by Kéla Walker

I’m kicking off the weekend with my latest obsession and the subject of my first ON TREND post with -the sweatshirt.  Here’s how to style the sweatshirt with minimal effort and maximum appeal   

how to style the sweatshirt trend

Hopefully by now you’ve heard the news  I shared earlier this week about about my new role as a fashion contributor to This week’s feature was all about the largely popular sweatshirt trend which I’m loving right now. For today’s post I decied to take the trrend for a spin and share another way to wear the sweatshirt trend. Typically, I like to wear my sweatshirts with more of a sweat appeal than a loungy one but for today’s #ootd I decided to just go with the flow.  I love how this particular sweatshirt has a whimsical feel with the bright bodice and stripe arms.  Doesn’t  it look like something from Alice and Wonderland??  SO KUTE. Truth be told,  I actually wasn’t feeling so well but didn’t want to necessarily look how I felt so this  sweatshirt was the anecdote to a my  I-dont-feel-like-it-but-cant-look-like-it  outfit.  I had grand plans to wear this sweatshirt with a kute skirt and heels but all that will  have to wait for another time .  With a sweatshirt as interesting as this one, you really dont have to go into style overload.  I just paired it with good ol’ sweatpants- black ones for a little formality.   Top off the whole head-to-toe sweats with booties and this sweatshirt style actually looks like I put some effort into it.  Needless  I felt very comfy cozy and it’s a great way to kick off a weekend which I hoped to be filled with a lot more lounging.

the sweatshirt trend

 how to style a sweatshirt

 Today’s Kloset Pull

Sweatshirt ~ Asos | Sweatpants ~ H&M | Shoes ~ Zara | Bag ~ Zara | Lipstick ~ Stila 

How do you wear you sweatshirts / the trend?
HappyWeekend Kuties!